PISTOL Metallic Silhouette combines long-range shooting with reactive targets to create an extremely popular discipline suitable for a wide range of larger-calibre handguns.

Said to have been developed in Mexico shortly before World War I, the event reputedly got its start when soldiers in Pancho Villa’s armed forces staked animals at various ranges to use for target practice.

Rest assured no animals are harmed in the modern incarnation of the event, which uses metal silhouettes of targets including chickens, turkeys, pigs and rams.

The aim is simple: Using an intermediate or large-bore centrefire handgun and 40 rounds of ammunition, knock all the targets over – no mean feat considering the furtherest one can be up to 200m away!

The centrefire Pistol Metallic Silhouette match course of fire involves Chickens at 50m, Pigs at 100m, Turkeys at 100m and Rams at 200m.

Given the power required to knock over heavy metal targets at 200m, centrefire Pistol Metallic Silhouette competitions are one of only two disciplines in Queensland for which Weapons Licensing will issue an licence endorsement for a handgun larger than 9mm/.38 calibre (the other is Single Action Shooting).

Handguns used in the event may be revolvers, single-shot or semi-automatics and the firing line at a centrefire Pistol Metallic Silhouette event can include anything from specialised .30 calibre wildcat single-shot pistols through to .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum revolvers to 9mm or .45ACP semi-auto pistols, or even WWI-era service revolvers and reproduction Old West-era single action handguns.

There are different classes for scoped and iron-sighted handguns.

The discipline also has a rimfire match, shot using smaller targets and .22 calibre handguns; in this competition half-sized Chicken targets are set at 40m, 3/8th size Pigs at 50m, 3/8th size Turkeys at 75m and 3/8th size Rams at 100m.

Given the combination of skill and immediate visual confirmation of a target hit, Pistol Metallic Silhouette is one of the more popular disciplines – and as a bonus, it shares targets and a course of fire with the Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette discipline, allowing clubs to run two disciplines with only one set of resources.

A copy of the Pistol Metallic Silhouette rules is available here and for more information, contact discipline chair Hazel Bozic on 4128 0467 or e-mail pms@ssaaqld.org.au

Further Information

  • Discipline Chairman:
  • Hazel Bozic
  • Phone:
  • 4128 0467

Rule Books*

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.



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