FOR many years the term “repeating rifle” was synonymous with “lever-action” rifle and they’re still incredibly popular firearms today – with a dedicated competition to match!

SSAA Lever Action discipline challenges shooters with engaging targets at a variety of distances using lever-action rifles.

Featuring all the greats such as Winchester, Marlin, Henry and Browning rifles, the SSAA (Qld.) Inc. Lever Action discipline currently has two sections – Classic Calibre and Open Calibre.

Classic Calibre involves any centrefire lever-action rifle with a wooden stock and standard iron sights, chambered for a pre-1939 factory cartridge (there are a few exceptions).

Traditional rifles such as the Winchester Model 1894, Marlin 336, Rossi Puma, and Uberti reproductions feature strongly, as do similar rifles from other manufacturers.

Lever Action Rules exclude clothing specifically designed for competitive rifle shooting, with the idea being competitors wear normal hunting or field clothing.

Open Calibre matches basically permit any calibre for which a lever-action rifle is available. This includes rifles in Classic Calibre, along with wildcat cartridges. Rimfire rifles are also permitted in Open Calibre, with .22LR being by far and away the most popular of the rimfire cartridges used.

The targets used in the Classic Calibre match are ranged at 100, 50 and 25m and are predominantly animal profiles including bear, buffalo head, pig, rabbit, feral cat, goat, crow, fox head and running fox. A typical course of fire is usually 40 rounds, shot in a variety of field shooting positions.

The Open Calibre competition is generally a 40-shot match using the same distances and shooting positions as in Classic Calibre.

Rapid-fire events in both Open and Classic Calibre matches are always popular of (five shots in 10 open matches and five shots in 15 seconds in Classic Calibre matches).

Further Information

  • Discipline Chairman:
  • Kerry Guinea
  • Phone:
  • 0409 262 966


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