Queensland Weapons Licensing Group Update

Recently SSAA Queensland met with Queensland Weapons Licensing Group to air our concerns over what appears to be a misinterpretation and miscommunication of hunting and target shooting licensing code allocations.

The confusion has arisen from Weapons Licensing Group questioning recreational hunting as a genuine reason (RE1) for having a firearms licence as distinct from target and club shooting.

Along with other firearm user groups we met with the Licensing Group Director who said that “at this stage there are no changes to the condition codes endorsed on current weapons licences and there is no action required by any licence holder”.

Despite this we will insist that any new interpretation in the future takes into account that being a member of SSAA Queensland involves many different types of activities from target shooting at clubs, hunting for the table or trophy, pest control, historical and ammunition collecting and working dog clubs. Similarly hunting demands that a firearm be tested and sighted in before use to ensure clean, humane kills. The sighting in of a rifle or test patterning of a shotgun on land should not be discouraged because of bureaucratic licensing red tape.

In the meantime, should any members have their RE1 or other genuine reason rejected please contact us by email at news@ssaaqld.org.au .

The official notice from Weapons Licensing Group can be found here.

Safe shooting.

Hellen Gill

SSAA Queensland President

25 June 2024

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