BENCHREST shooting is all about precision accuracy, using specialist rifles with powerful telescopic sights fired from benches at targets set up at long range

In contrast to the “Groups” Benchrest compeititon, which is about having the smallest group, the “Score” or “Hunter Class” Benchrest events are about getting the highest possible score.

It’s a subtle but important difference, and as a recent development in the Benchrest discipline it is gaining in popularity and already has its share of strong supporters.

Like “Groups” Benchrest shooting, precision rifles are only part of the kit, with high-end optics playing an important role and many competitors spending hours experimenting with different cartridge loads and projectiles to come up with a combination that provides the very best results with their firearm.

Due to the high accuracy of the rifles involved, scoring can be a particularly close affair – as with “Group” events, it is not uncommon for the centre of the target to have a single “ragged hole” group in it.

There are competitions for both rimfire and centrefire rifles and it is a requirement that these rifles have a safe trigger mechanism and trigger guard.

Hunter Class rifles – used in matches being shot for score – can have a maximum weight of 4.5kg (10lb) or 6.35kg (14lb) depending on whether it is a Light or Heavy category match, and scopes are restricted to 6x magnification. Rifles must also have a functional magazine holding at least two rounds.

Further Information

  • Discipline Chairman:
  • Gavin Marshall
  • Phone:
  • 0438 759 162

Rule Books*

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.



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