THE state’s largest shooting sports organisation, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) Queensland, is putting its money where its mouth is this election on a significant scale.

The organisation has been marshalling its resources as part of its ongoing call for its 68,000 members to “put the majors last” on polling day and give their vote to third parties or independents instead.

President Bob Green said SSAA Queensland was serious about ensuring its member’s interests – and not just when it comes to firearms – were represented by politicians.

“The future of our sport and our regional areas remains under threat from the majors, neither of whom have proven themselves to be our friends lately,” he said.

“Between restricting century-old sporting firearm technology, trying to remove advertising for lawful businesses, and failing to address the failing economy and soaring cost of living in greater Queensland, it’s clearly time for change.

“We’re serious about making sure our members and regional Queensland are fairly represented in parliament, which is why we’re stumping up significant dollars to make sure our message gets out there.”

Mr Green said the specific details of the SSAA’s financial expenditure on the election were “an operational matter” at this stage, but included advertising, logistical support, and communication costs.

“Our members know we’re not just about talk, and it’s time for our politicians to see that too,” he said.

With more than 68,000 members in Queensland and 185,000 members nationally, the SSAA is the premier body representing licensed firearms owners in Australia.

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