Deporte Mutual Protection


Public Liability Insurance for our sport has become ever-increasingly difficult to obtain, SSAA (Qld.) in conjunction with Steadfast ART Limited commenced a Discretionary Mutual Fund in April 2023 to ensure Queensland Members are protected from the uncertainty and ever-increasing costs of obtaining public liability now and in the future.

Further information regarding the Public Liability Protection can be found here – Deporte Mutual – Certificate of Currency – Conditions – Permission Form.

For Deporte Mutual Public Liability Protection enquiries, please contact SSAA (Qld.) on 07 3281 3447 or email

From 1 January 2024, SSAA (Qld.) have introduced Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection which covers you for up to $25 000.00 worth of firearms registered to your firearms licence, including antiques and collectables, and any fixed firearms accessories, such as scopes and slings, both in the home and while in use. Deporte Mutual Firearm Protection covers firearms and fixed firearm accessories for theft or loss. Deporte Mutual also covers you when travelling overseas for up to 28 days.

Further details regarding Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection can be found here:

For Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection Policy enquiries or questions, please contact SSAA (Qld.) on 07 3281 3447 or email

For Claims, please phone 02 8233 3161 or email


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