Air Rifle

The Air Rifle Discipline in Queensland is covered by 3 main events, namely:

Air Rifle Metallic Silhouette

This event is all shot standing offhand with powerful scoped air rifles at very small steel targets that range from 20 to 45yards. A match is 40 shots and a championship is usually 2 40 shot matches. All competitors are graded, and the SSAA supports State and National Championships- rules are found in the SSAA Rifle Metallic Silhouette rulebook.

10 metre Standing

This event is a precision 40 shot match fired in the standing offhand position at a ring target set at 10 metres. It is basically an open event allowing Olympic class air rifles and clothing with telescopic sights. This event is shot at State and National level, with the addition of a 3 position event at National level. The rules come from the SSAA National Air Rifle rule book.

Field Target Air Rifle

This event involves shooting at targets from 7 to 50metres set in lanes cut into the bush. A match consists of 30 targets set over 10 lanes, a championships is usually 2 separate layouts totalling 60 targets. At this stage only SSAA Qld shoots this event, but SSAA has just secured the International rights to the World Field Target Federation which will give us National championships, competition against New Zealand and a team to the World Championships every 2 years. The rifles used are classified into 2 main classes- International, limited to 12 ft-lbs and Open for the super powerful air guns. Rules come from the SSAA Qld Field Target Rulebook.

Further Information

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Rule Books*

Scoped Air Rifle Rule Book

Air Rifle Field Rule Book

Air Rifle MS Rule Book

Blowy Buster Rule Book

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.


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