S.S.A.A. Shotgun caters for five shooting disciplines. All evolve around shooting clay targets. Sporting Clays, Fivestand, Tower, American Skeet and Trap are shotgun disciplines available through the S.S.A.A.

Sporting Clays was originally introduced to improve the shooting skills of the English nobles. Practicing on 'simulated objects' improved the skills of the marksman for preparation to game shooting. It is currently one of the fastest growing shooting disciplines worldwide, with world championships conducted annually.

The object is to throw clay targets similar to the flight of pheasant, duck, rabbit, quail and grouse. Each competitor shoots at a course of 25 targets with the release of the target activated by a button under the control of a referee. The layout of this discipline is often situated in tree surroundings with the clay targets thrown at any angle and out to distances of 60 metres.

Fivestand is similar to Sporting Clays; however, the shooter competes in a shooting frame that limits the movement or swing of the shotgun. National titles are conducted annually and club competition is growing at a healthy rate.

Tower is a discipline requiring a high platform to place the automatic trap. The shooting stand comprises five concrete pads placed in front of the tower frame. The shooters face away from the tower. Trap Shooting utilises one automatic trap concealed in a 'bunker'. The trap is capable of operating at various angles and can throw targets in a 90 degree arc. The shooters shoot off pads that are either level with the top of the bunker or one metre below the bunker.

American Skeet is set over eight shooting stands positioned in a semi-circle between two automatic traps facing each other. One trap is located about three metres above the ground an the other is positioned at ground level. As the shooter moves from stand to stand, the angle of the target flight varies.

While there are a number of very expensive shotguns used for clay shooting, expensive shotguns are not necessary. World Championships have been won with the cheapest shotgun available for clay shooters. Gun fit is essential and although the shotgun is manufactured with the best intention of satisfying the customer, finer adjustments are always handy to improve the shooting skill of the gun owner.

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