Lever Action

Lever Action Match is unique to the S.S.A.A. It is an exciting and popular event Australia wide.

There are two distinct matches involved:

  • Lever Action: which may utilise any calibre rifle provided it is a lever action and has an outside hammer. .22 rimfire may be used in this match. The rifles in this class may be custom built to suit the competitor and precision aperture sights are usually fitted.
  • Classic Calibre: where any cartridge designed prior to 1938 is acceptable, except .22 rimfire. In this match competitors usually use a standard factory rifle, many will enjoy competing with classic and antique firearms like the Winchester model 1873 in .44/40. Classic Calibre is a 35 round match and Lever Action is 50 rounds.

Targets vary from the 50 metre international pistol target to paper silhouette targets of feral animals. Ranges vary from 100m down to 25m. There are 2 rulebooks, the SSAA National Lever Action rules and the SSAA Qld Supplementary Lever Action Rules.

Further Information

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Rule Books*

Lever Action Rule Book

Qld Lever Action Hand Book

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.


National Information

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