QUEENSLAND’S branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) is backing calls for the major political parties to be voted last on November 25.

SSAA Queensland is giving its full support to the FLICK’EM collective action movement, which is calling on voters to “put the majors last” and vote for third party or independent candidates first instead.

SSAA Queensland president Bob Green said neither major party was a friend to shooters and it was time for the state’s law-abiding firearms owners to say “enough!”

“We’re right behind the FLICK’EM campaign; the majors clearly an agenda to prevent law-abiding shooters from enjoying their sport and we’re sick of being treated like criminals and second-class citizens,” he said.

“Beyond shooting, many of our members live in rural or regional Queensland and it’s clear the needs of anywhere outside the southeast corner are being forgotten by the major parties.

“The best way to make our voices heard is at the ballot box, and say FLICK’EM to the majors.”

Recent decisions by the Labor government – fully supported by the LNP – including restricting a 120-year-old shotgun design with no history of criminal use in Queensland, and the denying of handgun licences to farmers, have galvanised shooters across the state into political action.

“This is about far more than clicking ‘like’ and ‘share’ on social media,” Mr Green said.

“This is about bringing about fundamental change in our government through the ballot box, and ensuring our members can continue to enjoy their sport in peace.

“The majors aren’t our friends and it’s time to FLICK’EM – for the sake of our sport and our state.”

For more information on the FLICK’EM collective action movement, visit putthemajorslast.com.au

With more than 68,000 members in Queensland and 185,000 members nationally, the SSAA is the premier body representing licensed firearms owners in Australia.

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