Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024

SSAA Queensland has discussed and submitted to the state government its comments, concerns and where relevant support for various aspects of the Community Safety Bill 2024, particularly in relation to the proposed firearms prohibited person orders. As a key stakeholder your Association will only ever support changes to legislation where there is a clear public safety benefit and does not, adversely, either deliberately or inadvertently, disadvantage licensed, law abiding firearm owners. Submitted in February of this year, our submission among other things included ensuring firearm prohibition orders only be issued to the most serious offenders who pose a risk to the public, ensuring minors are not treated unjustly and that law abiding licenced firearms owners are not held culpable for the actions of the unlicenced. SSAA Queensland also sought clarity in ensuring that red tape does not become cumbersome in areas such as ammunition sales and online data entry for the firearms industry.

In addition, we continue to seek further information on the reconstruction of the Queensland firearms database and the proposed national firearms register from both the state and federal governments.

– SSAA (Qld.) Inc. State Executive