SSAA Queensland has obtained written proof that Weapons Licensing are implementing laws which don’t exist.

In response to a media enquiry from the ABC regarding the refusal of WLB to renew handgun licences for primary producers, an official Queensland Police Service (QPS) media response states:

“The 2017 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) specifically precludes the use of Category H firearms for primary production purposes” and further notes “The new NFA restricts Primary Producers to Category A, B, C and D weapons. Category H concealable firearms are not supported for primary production purposes.”

According to QPS media, as of July 27 2017, there are 2,144 licences Cat H occupational (rural) licences covering 2,471 concealable firearms in Queensland.

Information made available to SSAA QLD clearly states WLB are basing their refusal to renew Cat H licences for rural occupations based on Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal decisions and the tired old “The other states don’t do it” argument – which frankly doesn’t cut it.

Primary producers are the backbone of Queensland this attack on the livelihoods of the people who feed us and care for our land is outrageous, shameful and un-Australian.

Occupational requirements are explicitly a genuine reason to own a handgun under s11(c) of the Weapons Act 1990 (“an occupational requirement, including an occupational requirement for rural purposes”) and many farmers have held a handgun licence for primary production work for decades with no issues.

It is well established, and explicity acknowledged by QPS themselves, that the NFA is in fact a guideline, not legislation.

The recently revised NFA is been fully supported by Queensland Labor and the fact its provisions are already being used to harm our farmers’ livelihoods – despite it not being law – is proof of Labor’s hatred of firearms, shooting sports, and shooters in general.

The LNP claim to be friends of shooters, but their recent support for the recategorisation of lever-action shotguns loudly broadcasts otherwise.

An election is coming and the only way you can protect your sport and your rights is by making your vote count – and making sure you do NOT vote Labor or LNP.

Vote for a third party, vote for an independent and make our voice heard.

Queensland’s shooters say ENOUGH!

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