Please find below updates from SSAA (Qld.) Inc. regarding COVID-19


15 May 2020

Great news coming from the latest Queensland Health Direction as per the link below.

Firearms Dealerships and Armourers can recommence trading as per normal from Saturday 16 May 2020.

Please keep in mind that social distancing requirements still apply.


5 May 2020

With the recent changes to the Queensland Health Directions, SSAA Queensland advises that it will reopen SSAA Outdoor Ranges across Queensland – based upon individual SSAA Branch decisions. This will initially be in a limited way so that SSAA Branches can comply with current Health Direction requirements of social distancing.

SSAA Outdoor Ranges at this stage will only be open for the purposes of individual general shooting and individual competition practice. No organised competitions will be held.

So that Branches can manage the number of individuals for the time being, only licensed SSAA Members will be allowed to shoot (No Form 33’s – Unlicensed Shooters). Individual SSAA Branches may also need to apply additional controls to ensure social distancing requirements.

Some SSAA Branches may take longer to recommence operations based upon suitable facilities and availability of Range Staff / Volunteers. We ask all Members to be patient where Ranges are very limited in the numbers that they can allow or in cases where they are not yet able to open.

Individual Members are responsible for complying with current travel restrictions which from 2 May 2020, allows travel for recreation within 50km of an individual’s home. Please ensure that you follow the Health Directions for those people in older age brackets or who suffer a chronic illness.

SSAA (Qld.) Inc. advises that normal SSAA Member-to-Member insurance for accident or injury remains in place at all SSAA Ranges however should any person contract COVID-19 virus this will not be covered under the current Pandemic insurance exclusion.

Please contact your local SSAA Branch to find out if they will be able to open.


24 April 2020

SSAA Queensland is preparing for the future easing of social restrictions (under the Human Biosecurity Emergency Declaration) including the re-opening of SSAA Ranges to allow the full range of shooting activities for Members. Bear in mind there has been no specific bans on hunting for pest destruction and gathering of food. You simply require permission from the landholder on the land where members conduct these activities – which has always been the case. All Members should make sure that they do follow the latest Government Health Directive regarding social distancing, gathering and non-essential travel requirements.

There has been an update to the Chief Health Officer Public Health Directions for non-essential business, activity and undertaking Closure Direction (No.6) as of 21 April 2020 the link to direction is provided below. This supersedes the previous Direction (No.5). There have been no changes in this latest direction that reduce the current restrictions on the purchasing of firearms and ammunition or social distancing rules. SSAA Queensland is still providing submissions to multiple State Government Departments and Ministers to be able to commence re-opening of SSAA Ranges and removing restrictions on the purchasing of firearms and ammunition.


21 April 2020

SSAA Queensland continue to engage with State Government Departments and Weapons Licensing Branch to provide greater clarity on current restrictions for firearms licence holders and to continue to reduce the restrictions on the purchasing of firearms and ammunition in Queensland. These discussions are proving very positive and are assisting in more logical and common-sense approach to policy.


As a reminder, when you apply for a Queensland Firearms Licence using your SSAA Queensland Membership as the genuine reason you will be automatically endorsed with the licence conditions of SC (Shooting Club) and RE (Recreational Use). This was passed under legislation after continuous lobbying by SSAA Queensland. The recent easing of restrictions of purchasing of firearms and ammunition has been a good development but more work is being done to sensibly open this to more licence conditions.


We thank everyone for their patience during these current times. SSAA Queensland is working tirelessly to bring our sport back to normal as soon as practicably possible.


9 April 2020

SSAA Queensland are pleased to see the Queensland Government have listened to the voices of our State and passed further exemptions with regards to the sale and supply of firearms and ammunition to those with OC and RE conditions on their Firearms Licenses. 


Also, great news to come out of Direction No. 5 is the disposal of firearms to those individuals that have Permit to Acquire issued prior to 28 March 2020. 


Although, we still have a way to go, this is a massive step forward for all Queenslander’s. 


SSAA Queensland has been fighting very hard to ensure these common sense policies are put in place.


Multiple organisations have contributed to this result and a strong stance by the Katter Party has resulted in a fair better outcome for Sporting Shooters, Hunters, Primary Producers and public safety.


SSAA  Queensland will continue the fight.



31 March 2020

SSAA (Qld.) Inc. will continue to negotiate to widen the exemptions list to include all shooters to be able to purchase ammunition, firearms, components and accessories. This is important to allow licensed shooters to legally hunt where permission has been granted.,-activity-and-undertaking-closure-direction-no.4


31 March 2020

Please see the following link from the Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries – The Honourable Mark Furner.


31 March 2020

As a result of our communications with State and Federal Government Departments it appears that the Queensland Government is looking to take a more ‘common sense’ approach on the restrictions to the sale of ammunition and firearm components.

The Queensland Premier has indicated that some exemptions for Primary Producers will likely be introduced.

SSAA (Qld.) Inc. will continue to update its Members on this issue as more information becomes available.


30 March 2020

SSAA (Qld.) Inc. has today made contact with Government Departments, continuing discussions at State and Federal level to clarify the current situation with the Public Health Act closure of Gun Shops and Armourers in Queensland. We understand this decision has prevented our shooters from purchasing equipment, components and accessories. SSAA (Qld.) Inc. has made submissions for arrangements to be provided for firearm dealers to resume trading with the following requests:-

  1. Supply and allow all requirements to primary producers for the protection of livestock.

  2. Members who are involved in feral pest control.

  3. Resume online purchases.

  4. Be able to take interstate transfers.

After discussions with Weapons Licensing Branch Queensland, Permits to Acquire and Licence Applications / Renewals are all still being processed, albeit at a slower than normal pace due to reduced staffing.

If you have any queries, please send them through to the SSAA (Qld.) Inc. State Office via . Please include your Name and Membership Number for genuine enquiries.



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