SSAA Queensland Members must adhere to the following basic ethical requirements. It is our Code of Conduct. Any breach of these requirements may result in suspension of membership or expulsion from the Association.

  • Respect to all fellow members, range officers, volunteers, visitors, employees of the Association and members of the general public.
  • Follow all Range Rules and Standing Orders.
  • Obey Government Firearm legislations and regulations.
  • Undertake to display the good image of the sport and the Association.
  • Support an ethical attitude to game management and wildlife conservation.
  • Encourage new shooters, both young and old, to acquire a good knowledge of safe firearms ownership, all being the hallmark of a sporting shooter.


SSAA Queensland realise that a significant number of members are involved within a social media community (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

It is important to know and understand that all information exchanged within social media networks online or otherwise is within the public domain, and the difference between personal and public information is not always clear. It is also important to remember that information posted on social network sites can be easily traced and can be accessed at any time.

The purpose of these guidelines is to recommend a minimum standard regarding social media participation and use by members of SSAA Queensland.

  • When participating in social media networks online or otherwise, Members of SSAA Queensland are asked not to make personal comments that may bring SSAA (Qld.) Inc. into disrepute.
  • Members of SSAA Queensland are advised not to unfairly/unjustly criticise SSAA, its directors, employees or volunteers when participating in social media networks.
  • When participating in social media networks online or otherwise, Members of SSAA Queensland should not imply that any personal comments are endorsed in any way by SSAA (Qld.) Inc.
  • Members of SSAA Queensland are advised/asked not to participate in social media networks in such a way that harasses, discriminates or treats unfairly or inappropriately any other person.

Breaches of the SSAA (Qld.) Inc. Social Media Policy or Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action by SSAA Queensland.

Please note: Policy may change at the discretion of SSAA (Qld.) Inc.

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