Rendezvous is a Discipline re-enacting the lifestyle and firearms of the world in the Muzzleloading Golden Age from 1500 to 1865.

The Rendezvous has taken muzzleloading competitions to a different level where an important era in American history is re-created, that being The American Fur Trade and The American Civil War. The Australian Gold Rush and The Eureka Stockade are also re-enacted.

The term Rendezvous is given to the yearly meeting, in the American West, of the participants in the fur trade. Between 1830 and 1840, the trappers and mountain men would rendezvous at a pre-determined place at a given time to meet with traders and convert their furs into money and supplies for the next year.

During these short periods, the men would hold competitions and play games to relieve the long-term solitude of their lives. Naturally when fashions changed and the beaver felt hat was no longer in vogue, the fur trade and consequently the Original Rendezvous ceased to exist in 1840.

This date sets one of the scenes in the Modern Rendezvous and provides a period in history to use for inspiration in clothing, living styles and the form of firearms and accoutrements that are utilized. Scenes covering other historical events are also maintained.

  • Projectiles
    Only cast/swaged lead projectiles are permitted. Patched Round Ball only for traditional Rendezvous events.
  • Targets
    The targets are re-active, made from steel plate in the shape of animals typically gathered as a source of food or fur.
  • Events
    A State Championship is held annually. Events include, The Turkey Shoot, Rifle Gongs, Musket Gongs, Shotgun, Single Shot Pistol, Revolver Pistol, a shoot event for the Ladies and Juniors, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing and Firelighting using flint and steel.

    The discipline hosts The Millmerran Open at the Captain’s Mountain Complex, open to all muzzleloading re-enactment groups and clubs throughout Australia. The event is held in July of every second year and began in 1993.
  • Black Powder
    Only commercially manufactured black powder or Pyrodex is to be used.
  • Loading
    In the spirit of the event, all loading accoutrements are to be carried on the Competitor and all loading, where practicable, accomplished off the body. Loading tables are provided for pistol events.
  • Firearms
    Are to be within the spirit of the event being contested and the time frame of the Discipline – 1500 to 1865. Reproductions and replicas are acceptable regardless of the modern springs etc.

Further Information

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Rule Books*

Rendezvous Rule Book

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.


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