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Government must consult gun owners


7 March 2016

After a year without substantial consultation KAP State Leader Rob Katter has urged the Government to finally open up a line of communication with licenced gun owners, in the wake of the biggest firearms reform since the Howard era.

The northern member said it was imperative dialogue around firearms safety and the development of the National Firearms Agreement is brought out into the public arena. 

"The shooting community are always trying to work with the government, we cannot continue to let such a significant portion of the rural population be ostracised," Mr Katter said. 

Mr Katter has continued to call on the government to reinstate the Weapons Advisory Panel which had worked constructively with previous ALP and LNP governments, to ensure a rounded view on firearms policy and associated matters. 

"Last year we approached the former Police Minister on the issue of the Weapons Advisory Panel which was disbanded last February by the Palaszczuk Government," 

“Since that time there has been no consultation with those who will be effected by the new agreement, outside of the Queensland Police Service.

Mr Katter said he will again be approaching current Police Minister Bill Byrne on the matter of the review, to ensure firearm owners are part of the conversation.

"At this stage, with only preliminary talks we have high hopes Minister Byrne will have a fair and open approach to the panel and the community of licenced gun owners," Mr Katter said.  

"There are many initiatives that the group would hope to develop with the government, that can enhance safety measures and minimise costs to the taxpayer.

"As we have made very clear in the past, we will be doing everything within our power to ensure appropriate consultation around these laws takes place. 

“We don't want to see the Government place any unnecessary restrictions against law abiding gun owners, sportsmen and women," he said. 


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