Combined Services

This Discipline had its genesis primarily in two states. 'Military Rifle', as it was known in Victoria, and 'Service Rifle', as it was colloquially known in Queensland, evolved around the same time.

Military/Service Pistol is relatively new and has grown rapidly in popularity. In general terms, the Pistol Rules are similar in make-up to Rifle Rules.

The two Disciplines have now evolved into Combined Services. The name change was warranted simply because at National and State Competitions both types of firearms are shot in the course of the Competition.

The aims and objectives are to encourage organised competitive shooting with a view towards a better knowledge of the safe handling and the proper care of military firearms, and caters for either original or faithful reproduction military firearms.

In Military/Service Rifle, the classes are Standard, Modified/Accurised and Sniper, which is broken into three divisions: F1 is Military Sniper and faithful reproductions as before January 1, 1946; F2 is Military Sniper Rifles and faithful reproductions as after January 2, 1946 and Tactical is a specialised rifle equipped with telescopic sights.

Military/Service Pistol is also broken into classes, which are Class 1 - Military, Class 2 - Para-Military Special Forces/Police and Class 3 - Accurised/Modified/Target Military.

Matches are shot in standing, sitting and prone shooting positions and use a different target for rifle and pistol.

Combined Services is specifically designed for military firearm enthusiasts.

There seems to be some confusion as to 'Energy Levels' of pistols used in Competition. To be sure that all competitors understand the requirement we have provided a table to help you.

Projectile Energy Levels

Weight (Gn)
Pel 100%Pel 75%
32 S&W * 987056952
357 Magnum357 S&W1251450181136
38 SpecialUs M41 Ball13294712593
380 British38/200 British Service Mkii17859010579
38 S&W 1456859974
38 Super38 Super Auto1151300149112
40 S&W40 Auto179935167125
44 Magnum44 Rem Mag2401525366274
45acpUs Ball 1911235820192144
45 Longcolt45 Colt256860220165
455 Webley455 Webley Mkiv266650172129
6.35 X 1625 Auto508204131
7.62 X 25mmTt-3386137711889
7.65 X 1732 Acp739847154
7.65 X 217.65 Parabellum93120711284
9 X 179mm Short, Corto Etc959509067
9 X 189mm Makarov90111510075
9 X 199mm Parrabellum British Mk2z1151298149112
9mm Steyr *9 X 231151200138103
10 MM AutoBren 101651115184138

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Rule Books*

Combined Services Rule Book

Firearms Eligibility

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.


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