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Big Game Rifle as a shooting sport began independently in Qld, NSW and Vic in the early 1980's. Each State developed their own unique perspective, Qld was all about shooting what you had or could get to use on a Big Game hunt today, NSW developed "For Queen and Country" which was all about shooting guns from the golden age of the British empire- at all levels, so double rifles were as important as farmers martini's. The Victorian angle was largely based on the high end London gun trade, and the popular "field trials" held in the Victorian era. Once the discipline went National this diversity of thought resulted in a rulebook that was at best a compromise, with each State maintaining its own rulebook for domestic use. Lately both TAS and WA have joined the fold, and they too have their own unique views.

The Discipline in Qld fosters the collection, preservation and use of all big game rifles, be they Classic collectables, Modern bolt actions, single shots, double rifles , lever actions, rifles for dangerous game or game for the pot, all have their place. Courses of fire employed attempt to simulate the various hunting conditions under which the diverse types of rifle would be utilised, thus a modern scoped magnum plains rifle match begins at 200m, whereas a match for the Group 3 dangerous game stopping rifles begins at 50m.

Accuracy and rifle handling skills are put to the test. Safety is paramount, with emphasis on offhand and field position shooting, rapid fire, rapid reloading and the use of open sights is encouraged through a moderate scope penalty for most events.

The Big Game Rifle Discipline allows shooters to enjoy competing, collecting and developing skills with a wide variety of unique firearms not covered by any other form of competition shooting. The SSAA Qld state championship is a 2 day event covering the full range of guns- from small rook rifles to behemoth Bore guns, all run under the SSAA Qld Big Game rulebook. The National championships is a more restricted 1 day affair run under the SSAA National big Game Rulebook. Any rifle that is passed for use in a SSAA Qld Big Game event is also suitable for the same class at the National Championships. As well as the state Championships, the State chairman runs monthly postal championships, each month focussing on one of the unique classes of firearm in the Qld rulebook.

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Big Game Rifle Rule Book

* May be shot Subject to Range Approval. Approved firearms must still comply with Qld State Laws & Regulations.


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