Secure Storage

Responsible firearms ownership is something that all of us should take very seriously. The S.S.A.A. has been an active campaigner of firearms safety for many, many years. It is your responsibility to ensure your firearms are secure so do the right thing, secure your guns - Secure Your Sport.

Secure Storage Inspections by Queensland Police

Similar to audits in other states, a statewide audit has commenced throughout Queensland to ensure the obligations of general licensed firearm owners in relation to secure storage of their firearms are being met in accordance with the provisions set out in their license applications.

(Some specific types of licences might be subject to other inspection requirements).

This audit will be a series of rolling random inspections.

The Queensland Police Service has stated that "Licence holders selected in the audit will be given advanced notice of the inspection which will be arranged through the local police".

These upcoming inspections are not inconsistent with S.S.A.A.'s "Secure your gun, Secure your sport" philosophy and will serve to demonstrate that our Members take a responsible approach to firearm ownership.

We urge you to ensure you have all current licences and relevant documentation readily at hand and offer every courtesy and co-operation to the inspecting officers as we DO expect the appropriate courtesies from them.

Our communications with the Queensland Police Service suggest that this should be a relatively painless exercise.

If you have any specific problems or complaints about this procedure, you can get further information from the S.S.A.A. (QLD) Inc.

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